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Distributed and cloud based testing On demand

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Improve the performance of all web and mobile applications

Create your load test scenarios in minutes

AgileLoad learns complicated transactions by automatically capturing your business processes. You can record and replay rich internet applications using a variety of Web 2.0 technologies thereby developing complicated load testing scenarios easily. AgileLoad script storyboard gives you a graphical view of your test scenarios. AgileLoad powerful scripting interface lets you add in-deep customization to meet all your performance testing and business needs.

Accurately simulate all kind of load even from the Cloud

AgileLoad runs concurrent multiple transactions, to emulate a range of end-user activities and behaviors. Agileload load injectors can be installed on your own network or on the cloud to simulate all kind of workloads for your applications and performance testing needs. Agileload offers the possibility to dynamically define the behavior of load injectors in order to ease and speed up the detection of the performance thresholds or bottlenecks of an application.

    Resolve your performance issues

    Agileload automatically detects and pinpoints origins of anomalies through topological or threshold analysis. The Load testing tool facilitates experts' work by highlighting pertinent information. The rules used by the engine can also be modified according to your performance testing needs. AgileLoad integrates calculation of statistics and multi-source cross correlation. With Agileload you get an accurate picture of end to end system performance of your application under various workloads.

    Build powerful load test reports

    Agileload Report designer is an automatic report creation tool which allows you to prepare, even before the launch of a battery of tests, models of load testing reports that you can personalize (presentation, contents). You can also automatically correlate different types of measurements, combining them on the same graph, applying statistical functions, and creating your own models by inserting the desired measurements. In a single click, generate test reports for your diferent targeted audience.

    An enterprise-class load testing tool with end-to-end performance anomaly diagnostic

    Agileload sucessfully gives in-deep performance diagnostic of a wide range of applications- applications using the most advanced web2.0 technologies, more classic client/server or heavy clients. For example, get a pertinent performance analysis of your application running J2EE, Ajax, Adobe Air-Flex, Silverlight, Sharepoint, JSON, Webservices, SOAP, Apache, IIS, Websphere, Jboss, Oracle, SQLServer, Mysql, DB2, SAPWeb, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Hyperion, Citrix...

    Latest news

    • Load testing process

      Load Testing helps to study the behaviors of application under the specified load. Performance bottlenecks which causes performance degrade can be identified during load testing. Following are the basic methodology for load testing: identifying critical scenarios, effective work load model, test script design with enhancements, load simulation, collecting the performance metrics and benchmarking & recommendations.

    • Performance Tuning Ajax based applications: Best practices

      You can consider Ajax as a set of enabling technologies for the Web 2.0 transition from a static to an interactive web environment. The primary strength of Ajax is allowing web based applications to have the interactivity of familiar desktop tools. Generally the goal of user interface design is to improve usability and the overall user experience -- Ajax simplifies achieving this goal.

    • Performance improvement strategies for Tomcat server

      Tomcat server can have many performance tuning options. This is mainly due to rigorous testing of a number of options. You will gain a considerable amount of performance by deploying appropriate hardware, operating system and JVM combination for the use of Tomcat server. In this paper, we will study how

    • Performance Test Workload Modeling

      Load distribution across all the identified scenarios is called the Workload. Workload model of an application depicts how this application will be used in the production environment. In order to get such performance test results which portray the true picture of an application under test, it should be tested on a workload model which is very similar to the production environment.

    • Oracle Performance Tuning : Best Practices

      Oracle performance tuning best practices that any administrator, database designer and performance tester must focus on.

    • Load Testing Scenarios Selection

      In this paper, we will discuss the importance of selecting the right set of application scenarios for your load test and will provide you the criteria for selection of best candidates for load testing along with the approaches to help you reach out the scenario selection decision.

    • Tuning Websphere Application Server for enhanced performance

      This white paper gives in-depth information regarding the performance tuning approach to be adopted in implementing a highly available and scalable Websphere Application Server environment.

    • Performance Testing on Production System

      Performance test results largely depend upon the test environment and having the test environment as an exact replica of the production system is the fundamental point in performance testing. Quite often, performance testing is conducted on the production system to overcome the test environment issues. In this article, we will discuss what production system is, reasons to conduct performance testing on production system, myths regarding testing on production system, risks associated with testing on production system and best practices of effectively testing an application in the production environment.

    • Optimizing the Performance Of MySQL Cluster

      MySQL Cluster is a real time, scalable and transactional database. This white paper explores most of the optimization methods for enhancing the performance of MySQL Cluster. With these methods, you can handle a variety of workload requirements.

    • Web Applications Performance Test Environment Preparation

      Executing the performance test on production similar system and availability of all the required resources to successfully run the test is very essential. Creating the exact replica of the production system is undoubtedly the most important part of the whole testing activity as even the minor differences between the test environment and production system can completely invalidate the test results.


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